NJ Electric Rates Are Falling

It can be hard to plan ahead. But natural gas rates are falling. So, shop now to save on your NJ electricity this summer.

Falling Gas Prices Pull Down Electric Rates

Falling natural gas rates are helping cut NJ electricity prices. It's still a great tiem to lock in a low priced rate on fixed rate plans!
Natural gas prices are falling and they’re taking down electricity rates with them. Shop these low fixed rate plans to help you save more this summer!

New Jersey’s quest for green energy is struggling to get up to full speed. With recent setbacks to moving New Jersey to 100% green energy by 2035 , people have been wondering about electricity rates. The biggest concern being how this will affect home electricity prices. For now, however, natural gas rates are plummeting and that means NJ electric rates are falling. So, let’s see how you can save when you switch to a 12 month plan.

Play The Electricity Market

At 10.79 cents per kWh, the NJ Frontier Online Premier 12 plan from Frontier Utilities is a great option to keep your rates low for the summer. Since we’re currently in an El Ninõ weather pattern, this summer is expected to be another scorcher. With the fixed price, you will be safe from sudden summer rate hikes. This plan also has no monthly charge and, more importantly, no early termination fee. That means that if the spring shoulder months see falling rates, you could consider switching without paying a penalty.

Watch for Falling Electricity Rates With Benefits

If you’re looking for benefits, we can recommend the Xoom Energy SureLock 12. At 10.99 cents per kWh, this is a pretty cheap 12 month rate. While there is a $110 early cancellation fee, Xoom definitely comes through with the benefits. The Xoom Xtras reward program gives you options to redeem anything from gift cards to discounts on new tires. The plan gives you more value because you save on more than just electricity.

Great Electricity Rates Think Alike

Another amazing electricity rate with no early termination fee comes from Direct Energy. Their LiveBrighter 12 is just 10.99 cents per kWh and no monthly charge. As with other no-ETF plans, you get flexibility when it comes to the spring or fall shoulder months. But the best thing is that your rate is locked in and fixed for 12 months even if BGS rates rise this coming summer.

Shop Electricity Smarter This Year

With falling natural gas prices pulling electricity rates lower, now’s the best time to start looking for a rate that’s going to save you money.  You might not find it immediately, but there’s great options in your area just waiting for you. We’ll keep you updated with all the lowest priced energy plans to help you save money. So check out all of the plans we have available and head over to www.njenergyratings.com 

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