AC Use in NJ Could Cost You More Than Ever

A recent national report says AC use in could raise NJ cooling bills by 12% or more this summer. Learn what you can do to save energy and more.

AC Use Costs Projected To Rise

AC use in New Jersey this hot summer is expected to balloon your electricity bills. Learn how to save and what to do if you can't pay.
Record heat this summer will push AC use through the roof. Learn what you can do to save on your NJ electricity bills and what to do if you can’t pay.

This summer is going to be a pain in your budget. For the first time ever, summer cooling costs are projected to rise over $700 for the combined months of June through September. This averages out to be a monthly cooling bill of $179. Why is your AC use costing you more than ever? Let’s break down a recent NEADA report and talk about how you can keep your cooling costs down this summer.

AC Use Costs According To NEADA

The most recent National Energy Assistance Director’s Association (NEADA) report estimates that cooling costs will rise around 7.9% across the country. In the Mid-Atlantic region, where New Jersey is, summer AC costs are estimated to rise by about $84, or 12.2% – or more. That’s because these costs may rise due to record setting temperatures.

Lack Of Protections Puts Homes At Risk

Like many states, New Jersey offers little at the state level for consumer protections during extreme temperatures. There are neither summer nor winter protections in place for home owners in the event of high bills. However, there are several programs that you can take advantage of if you find that you are unable to pay your cooling bills this summer. The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) available through 2-1-1 is a federally assisted program to help with low income and other eligible households. This includes weatherization, emergency bill pay, medical related cooling assistance, and necessary repairs. These funds are first-come-first-serve. So don’t wait to take advantage of these programs if you feel you may need them. 

Save This Summer With Your Electricity Plan

One great way to save on your electricity bills is to switch your plan. Securing a fixed long term plan locks in your rate to prevent future increases. You can easily find a rate that is less than the BGS in your area. This won’t completely erase the pain of this summer’s cooling costs, but it will help. Also be sure to use our various tips and tricks to reduce your cooling costs. Some effective ones are putting up drapes to block the sun from heating up your home and opening your upper floor windows at night to let the cooler night air in so you don’t have to run your air conditioning.

Save On Your Cooling Costs Without Breaking The Bank

Regardless of how you go about saving this summer, it’s important that you start working on it now. These estimated cost increases can put significant financial pressure on you and your home. Take advantage of low rates and programs in your area to lessen the burden. You can find more resources to manage your electricity costs at 

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