If you're struggling to pay your electric bill each month, then you shouldn't panic. There are many ways you can save energy and reduce this bill. Check out the ten ideas down below:

Tip #1: Use Natural Light

Save loads on your electric bill by reducing the amount of time your lights are switched on in the home. An easy way to do this is by opening the curtains/blinds and flooding rooms with natural light during the day.

Tip #2: Solar Power

It's proven that you can save around 20% on your electric bill if you use a solar powered energy source. You'll use up a lot less energy than if you have everything powered by the local energy source. As such, you will pay a lot less and combat those tough New Jersey electricity prices.

Tip #3: Monitor Refrigerator Temperature

Many people are unaware how draining the refrigerator is on their energy bill. It's one of the only appliances that will be turned on all day every day. As such, little things can make a huge difference to how much energy it consumes. Monitor the temperature and keep it between 30 to 42 degrees for efficient energy consumption.

Tip #4: Ensure Your Freezer Is Full

Alongside your fridge, your freezer is also a massive energy draining merchant. But, if you keep it full of things then you will actually save a lot of energy. A full fridge uses less energy than an empty one. So, think about putting things in there to take up space like bags of ice cubes, etc.

Tip #5: Throw Out Your Desktop PC

Did you know that desktop PC's use way more energy than laptops? It's true, and you can save bundles of energy by making a simple change and throwing yours out. Use a laptop instead, and your electricity bill will be easier on the eye.

Tip #6: Reduce Washing Machine Temperature

Another appliance that uses lots of energy is your washing machine. Especially when you wash heavy loads at high temperatures. Most of the time, you don't need warm water to clean your clothes unless they're heavily stained. Wash at a colder temperature, and you can save a lot of energy.

Tip #7: Restrict Dryer Use

Save loads of energy by restricting how often you use your dryer. Hang clothes out on the line when the weather's nice or use a clothes horse to hang them inside. They'll dry naturally, and use up no energy whatsoever.

Tip #8: Energy-Efficient Lighting

There are times where you're left with no choice but to turn the lights on in your house. Don't worry, you can still save energy by installing energy-efficient bulbs. They'll use up far less electricity saving you a whole load of money.

Tip #9: Unplug Appliances

Unplug any appliances you aren't using to save energy and stop wasting electricity when you don't need it.

Tip #10: Buy Energy Star Appliances

Energy Star appliances are products that have good energy ratings and are highly efficient. It pays to purchase these as they use up less energy meaning you can save a lot.

Follow these ten tips if you want to save energy, fast! They're easy to follow and make a huge difference to your energy bill. You'll soon be able to cope with the current New Jersey electricity rates and save lots of money each month.