How Do I Switch My Atlantic City Electric Provider?

Check out what you need to know to switch your electricity provider in the Atlantic City Electric serivce area.

What You Need to Know to Shop for a New Electricity Rate

Want to switch your electric provider in Atlantic City? Let us take you through the process. We make it easy!
If you’re not sure how to switch your energy provider in the Atlantic City Electric serivce area, let us show you how!

If you’re fed up paying the BGS or don’t like your existing electricity supplier, you’re not stuck. You have the power to switch electric suppliers in New Jersey. In fact, if you’re on the BGS, switching electricity providers is actually easier than you may think. So, if you’re feeling stuck, let’s go over the basics of how to switch your Atlantic City Electric provider.

What Is The BGS And Why Is That Important

First thing, you’ll want to shop for a new supplier by looking at their electricity rates. Be sure to choose one that offers plans and incentives that make sense with how you use energy.

Next, it’s a good idea to compare your new rate to the BGS. In New Jersey, your local utility offers a default service called the BGS, or ‘Base Generation Service’ . The BGS rate also works as the “price to compare.” So, if you choose provider’s rate, you will want to compare it to the BGS rate.

To be clear, the BGS does not include distribution and transmission charges. Those cover the costs to send the generator’s energy to your home over your local utility’s poles and wire. In this case, that’s Atlantic City Electric (ACE). If you are on BGS, you are paying generation, distribution, and transmission charges all to ACE.

How the Switch to a New Electricity Provider Works

Once you’ve found your perfect rate, you’re on your way to switching to your new provider. Your next step is to call your new company. They will handle all of the backend for switching your electricity from your old provider.

Next, your old provider will send you a written letter to confirm the switch. When that letter arrives, you have 7 days to notify ACE if you change your mind. Remember that New Jersey law prohibits energy suppliers from charging you for switching. If you do switch, it may take one to two billing cycles to fully change your new provider.

Meter Reads Affect Your Provider Switch

Of course, two billing cycles can be a long time to wait. That’s partly because ACE must confirm your switch, verify your account info, and process your unpaid usage. After that, the switch will go through on the next meter read. Luckily, ACE posts their meter read dates, including their no-read dates, for all of 2023.

Shop For Your Perfect Electricity Rate Today

Whether you’re in an apartment or a house, switching energy providers can feel overwhelming. But, there are tons of options along the Jersey seaside to help you find the best rate for your home. If you’re looking to switch your Atlantic City Electric provider, be sure to explore shop our great electricity plans.

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