Do you have a question regarding Atlantic City Electricity rates, or how to switch New Jersey electricity suppliers? There are several core issues that many of our customers have been asking, and you will find all of them - and more - right here.

Who provides my electricity?

All power is provided by Atlantic City Electric - or ACE - whether you use the company yourself or choose a different supplier. All Atlantic City electricity providers license from ACE - who are the principal power provider in the area. The rates are determined by the vendor and will be set based on a variety of reasons, including special promotions, the price of energy, and market forces.

How do I choose from the broad range of New Jersey electricity suppliers?

While ACE control the network of electric power lines, you can choose an alternative supplier to connect your household mains to the service. There are many different providers, each of whom will charge different Atlantic City electrical rates. These companies include the likes of JCP&L, PSE&G, and Orange Rockland, as well as ACE themselves.

What is the Basic Generation Supply program?

When you first set up your home electrics, you will have the opportunity to choose a supplier for your power. If you do not make a choice within a certain timeframe, you will automatically be placed on the Basic Generation Supply - or BNG - program. BNG is run by Atlantic City Electric, which is approved by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities. Rates will appear under the ‘Supply Charges' section of your bill. These supply charges will be set in stone for specific time periods throughout the year and can change in June or October to reflect the costs of providing electricity to customers. You are free to choose another supplier if the rate changes don't suit you.

How do I compare prices?

There are many services online that will enable you to compare Atlantic City Electricity rates. It is advisable to use one, to ensure you are on the best deal possible in your area. You will need to know your average monthly use of electricity to get the most accurate results and see if it is worth switching to a different supplier.

How do I stop my ACE service and start with another?

You will need to submit a form to ACE, and apply for disconnection. You can call ACE on 1-800-642-3780 or email them questions from their customer service section on the official ACE website. If you are making a switch, it is essential that you let your new service provider know about the dates in question, to ensure a smooth transition.

How long will it take to switch services?

You should allow up to 3 days for the switch to take place, and give your suppliers the same amount of notice to make the transition from one service to another.

Does ACE charge for connections or disconnections?

There is a $15 service charge, which you will need to pay ACE, regardless of whether you are disconnecting or connecting to your service. Consumers should include this cost when working out their estimated annual savings when switching to or from another service.