JCPL Hopes to Expand Energy Efficiency Programs

JCP&L filed to expand its energy efficiency programs next year. These could include rebates and other offers to customers that help reduce usage. Learn how this could affect your electricity bills.

JCP&L to Grow Energy Programs

JCP&L filed plans to expand energy efficency programs starting next year. Learn how it could impact future energy bills.
While utility energy efficiency programs can come with upfront costs, they usually pay off their customers over the long term with lower bills. Learn how JCP&L’s plans may affect your future bills.

Jersey Central Power And Light (JCPL) filed for an expansion of their energy efficiency programs earlier this month. The proposed expansion will cost around $942 million, and last for two and a half years. We’re going to get into the nitty-gritty of what these expansions entail and how they might affect your New Jersey electricity usage. This is what will happen as JCP&L hopes to expand their energy efficiency programs.

What Energy Programs Are Expanding?

JCP&L will be continuing several programs as well as adding new ones. These programs include offering energy assessments to residential, small business, and commercial contracts, as well as a variety of rebates. Rebates are proposed for energy efficient HVAC, heating, and appliances. They will also be expanding benefits for residential customers with smart meters. Several other programs will also be consolidated under the JCP&L side, like utility assistance for low and moderate-income homes.

How Will This Affect My NJ Electric Bills?

The expansion will not be piled on all at once. The current plan is to incrementally increase the charge for the expansion over the next three years. At the most, you’ll see an increase of around $4.86 on your average bill in 2026. You’ll then see another increase of $.97 in January of 2025. You have time before these changes will take effect. This means you have plenty of time to find other ways to save on your electricity to prevent these increases having a major effect on your bills.

Taking Advantage of More Energy Programs

It may seem strange that you can take advantage of something that costs you more money, but if you plan right, you can get some good deals. Keep an eye on electricity suppliers in your area to see what kind of offers they have that you can stack with the offers from JPC&L. Rebates on major appliances can really reduce the impact they have on your bank account. Plus, there may be federal tax credits you can take. Interested in programs that involve smart thermostats? Take some time and research the best smart thermostats for your family. Or take this opportunity to look into ways to increase your home’s energy efficiency before your bills increase.

Save Money On Your Electricity

While this JCP&L program does cost money, it can also save you a ton. Plus, new and returning programs will help push New Jersey towards a greener, cleaner future with cheaper costs. But why wait? Take a look at green energy for your home right now! You can shop green energy deals at

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