Is Your NJ Home Ready for Summer?

Learn how you can stay comfortable and still cool your home this summer for less.

Prepare Your Home For A Scorcher

Summer home cooling costs could go through the roof this season. Check our energy efficiency tips to help you stay cool and comfortable with more money in your wallet.
Check out our home cooling tips. These energy efficiency tricks will help you cut your AC usage while keeping you comfy and cool with more coin in your bank account.

This year’s La Nina means New Jersey is in for a scorcher of a summer. While you’re sweating outside, are you ready to stay cool inside? Of course, no one wants high New Jersey electric bills so it’s important to get your NJ home is ready in time. So, if you’re worried about skyrocketing bills, check out our 5 tips to prepare your home for summer.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Is Cool

Firstly, as gross and monotonous as air conditioning maintenance is, it’s super important to keep up with. Keeping your AC efficient and operating properly ensures that your home is being cooled without breaking the bank. Make sure your condenser and coils are clean and free from dirt and debris. This lets the fan dissipate heat properly. Inside your home, make sure the air vents are unobstructed. Also change out the system air filters. Clogged filters slow down airflow, making the system run longer. Remember that proper air flow will help prevent long-term problems with your AC system. Plus, it helps cool your home more efficiently. This allows you to save money as well as staying comfortable.

Cover Your Windows

Drapes and blinds really do make a difference during the summer. By reflecting or trapping sunlight, you can cut heat entering your home by up to 80%. That’s a massive amount as far as energy savings go. Use these throughout the day to keep your home cooler, enhance your privacy, and additionally, to add some fun decor to a room.

Fans Cool People But Not Rooms

Leaving fans on all day could be wasting electricity rather than actually cooling your home. That’s because the human body uses sweat evaporation to cool itself. The water in your sweat can hold a lot of heat energy. You feel cooler from a fan’s breeze because your sweat evaporates from your skin much faster. For that reason, fans do not actually cool rooms so don’t leave them running when you’re not there. But by using fans for cooling when you’re using a room, you can turn up your thermostat a few degrees and use less electricity.

Seal Your Home Against Drafts

Drafts aren’t just for the chill of winter. In the summer, warm, humid air sneaking into your home can add to your home’s cooling load and slowly waste your money. Weatherstripping is easy to install yourself to seal doors and windows. By bridging gaps in your doors and windows, you prevent air leakage that slowly tries to equalize the temperature outside and inside. You don’t want to pay to air condition your entire neighborhood! Additionally, this will help during the winter months as well by preventing your heating escaping the same way.

Swap Your Home Electricity Plan

While it isn’t a way to keep your home cooler, switching your electricity plan can save you money. By taking advantage of updated summer prices, or grabbing a last minute shoulder month deal, you may see a bill decrease. There are plans available all across New Jersey for you to look at.

Use Your Electricity Smarter Not Harder

These aren’t the only tips for keeping your home cool this summer! There are tons more alongside our best rated plans. Take a look at other ways to lower your bills, or shop around at 

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