New Jersey energy choice is a new and exciting initiative set up by the state government. The whole idea behind it is that consumers now get to choose who they buy their energy from. This gives thousands of consumers a chance to switch suppliers or stay with the one they're currently on. Regardless of what you choose to do, you're certain to have access to energy that is both safe and reliable.

It's important for consumers to understand what Energy Choice is and how it will affect them. As a result, we've compiled some information in this piece to help make sense of everything:

What Are The Benefits Of New Jersey energy choice?

A great way to understand Energy Choice is to look at how it benefits you as an energy customer. In short, you now have the ability to choose any energy supplier that you want. This means you can shop around and compare prices, which leads to the potential for lots of money to be saved. Before this initiative, you didn't get this freedom of choice and a lot of people struggled to pay for their electricity.

Another benefit is that, with freedom of choice, you can now choose more green New Jersey energy suppliers. This means you can help the environment by getting your energy from one of the many residential electricity suppliers in NJ that use renewable energy sources.

Does Everyone Have To Switch Suppliers?

Many residents were confused by this initiative as they thought it meant they had to switch energy suppliers. This isn't the case, you're free to keep things as they are if you're happy with your service and like what you're paying for.

However, if you're not happy then the ability to change is there and easy for you to do. It's also worth noting that you can't be unwillingly forced into switching suppliers. If your supplier is changed without you knowing about it, then you can take legal action. Illegal energy switching is called slamming, and you can contact the BPU about it.

What Is A Supplier?

We must note that NJ Energy Choice revolves around switching suppliers, not distributors. A distributor is your utility company. They're the ones that own all the power lines and essential things that get energy into homes. Suppliers are companies that supply the electricity for you. So, you can switch suppliers but still remain with the same utility company.

This is why a lot of people don't switch as they are with a utility company that also supplies them with energy too.

Your main thing to understand is that Energy Choice gives consumers far more freedom on the energy market nowadays. You're no longer forced into using certain suppliers and can shop around for a deal that suits you and your family. Consequently, electricity in New Jersey is now far more affordable as people are on more manageable plans and paying what they can afford. It always makes sense to compare energy prices whenever you're looking for a new contract to find the most cost-effective solution out there.