Best Camden NJ Electric Rates

Don't pay high PSEG rates in Camden! With low-priced spring rates nearly here, it's time to shop for the best NJ electric rates!
Don’t pay high PSEG rates in Camden! With low-priced spring rates nearly here, it’s time to shop for the best NJ electric rates!

Which is the Best Electricity Plan in my Area?

Spring is here! Which means clued-in Camden NJ electric customers will be thinking about renewing or switching their electric plans. But with price disruptions following the recent Texas crisis, and continuing Covid measures affecting your electric usage, it sounds complicated, right? Wrong, of course! That’s why we’ve rounded up the four best Camden NJ electric rates to make shopping easier. Let’s take a look!

Camden NJ Electricity Rates

First up is Constellation’s 12 Month Green Home Power Plan. The 13.99 cents per kWh rate is the most costly one here. But only just – and it’s still a great price. Most importantly, those extra cents per kWh are buying you 100% renewable energy content! Whilst early termination will set you back $150, Constellation offers a 90 day risk-free guarantee. This means that if the plan’s not a good fit, you have 90 days to duck out without incurring the fee. 

Marginally cheaper is Constellation’s 12 Month Home Power Plan, with a rate of 13.89 cents per kWh. While this is not a renewable energy plan, it still comes without a monthly recurring charge. And it’ll also cost you $150 to duck out of the contract early. However, because it’s Constellation – so you’ll still get that 90 day risk free guarantee. 

The 12 Month Fixed plan from Tomorrow Energy offers a 13.48 cents per kWh rate, which is marginally lower than the above plans. The key perks are that your energy usage will be offset by 100% clean National Wind Credits! There’s also  no monthly recurring charge and its early termination fee gives it an extra edge: just $75. 

Finally, your cheapest option by a hefty measure: the NJ Frontier Online Premier 12 plan. At 10.6% under market rate, the 11.79 cents per kWh is truly a steal. And with no monthly recurring charge or early termination charge, you won’t find costs creeping up elsewhere. 

Locking in Best NJ Electric Rates

In conclusion, there are some real bargain NJ electric rates to be had for the eagle eyed PSEG customer! And, with winter on the out, now is the time to shop! As ever, we’ve got you covered and can help you find the best rates. Check out for the quickest, easiest way to find the best Camden NJ electric rates for you.

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