Best PSEG 12 Month Fixed Rate Electricity Plans In Elizabeth, NJ

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Get the cheapest 12 month electricity rates in PSEG Elizabeth and save money!
Save with the best 12 month fixed rate electricity plans in Elizabeth, NJ! Perfect for renters and get a great rate on going green, too!

What’s The Best Electricity Plan In Elizabeth, NJ?

Smart consumers are always on the lookout for easy ways to save money. One of the simplest ways to do so is to find a cheap New Jersey electricity plan that locks in a great rate for a year. 12 month plans are ideal, especially if you’re renting, because they offer excellent savings while still providing flexibility if you decide to move. Here are our top picks from the best Public Service Electric & Gas service area plans in Elizabeth, NJ.

Cheap Electricity In Elizabeth, NJ Saves Money

If you’re looking for cheap electricity in Elizabeth, then the Constellation 12 Month Home Power Plan is ideal for you. It has the best price on the market, coming in at just 12.49 cents per kWh – the next-cheapest plan from a competitor is 12.59 cents per kWh. For heavy consumers and large households, even the smallest discount adds up over the course of a year, making this plan an ideal choice. Bear in mind that this plan comes with a hefty $150 early cancellation fee, so you won’t want to switch providers early.

Best Rates For Green Electricity

Helping to cut down on fossil fuel consumption is important, and with the growing availability of renewable energy in New Jersey it’s becoming easier for homeowners to access cheap green energy deals. If you’re looking to help protect the environment whilst still saving money on your electricity bills, the Xoom Energy SimpleClean 12 is the plan for you, with 50% of power coming from renewable sources. With a price per kWh of 14.15 cents it isn’t the cheapest rate on the market, but neither is it the most expensive. Early termination fees are slightly lower, too, at $110.

Most Flexible 12 Month Electricity Plan

Not everyone wants to commit to a fixed rate electricity deal for a long time. Although you can always cancel your plan at any time, you are almost always liable for an early termination fee. However, the Direct Energy Live Brighter 12 has no cancellation fee – if you’re considering moving in the new year but still want to save money with a fixed term deal, this could be the plan for you. This plan costs 13.49 cents per kWh, though, so you may end up paying more in the long run if you don’t cancel it early.

Alternatively, you may choose the Frontier Online Premier 12 plan, which has only a $10 early termination fee. This deal comes with a lower rate of 12.60 cents per kWh, helping you to save money and allowing you to switch electricity provider cheaply in the future.

Choosing The Best Plan For You

These are the best deals on electricity in Elizabeth, New Jersey, but different ones will suit different situations. Choosing the cheapest kWh rate may suit a busy home that uses lots of power, but doesn’t offer the ability to switch cheaply. Whichever plan you decide to choose, the easiest and fastest way to switch New Jersey electricity provider is through New Jersey Energy Ratings.

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