Who Has The Best 12 Month Electric In Morristown

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Get great 12 month electric rates up to 89-90% under market rate. Shop now and lock in a bill-busting rate!
We’ve found some great 12 month electric rates that all fall a whopping 89-90% under market rate. Shop now to lock in a bill-busting rate now!

Who Offers Best 12 Month Electric Rate?

In spite of all the recent hot weather, we hate to say that winter is on the way. High energy consumption and the risk of price spikes means all you Jersey Central Power and Light (JCP&L) customers should be looking for a cheap fixed rate to get you through. But is it too early to shop for 12 month electric plans? Aren’t rates still up from summer? And shouldn’t you wait for the shoulder months?

Well, good news for those of you can’t wait until winter! We’ve found some great 12 month electric rates that all fall a whopping 89-90% under market rate. This means you can lock in a bill-busting rate now, then kick back and properly enjoy the last days of summer. Let’s see what’s on offer. 

Budget 12 Month Electric Rates 

Two great 12 month electric plans are available only to first-time customers. Direct Energy, for example, offers new sign-ups a 10.79 cents per kWh rate with their Live Brighter 12 plan. This is a steal, and comes with no early termination fee or monthly charges.

Alternatively, new Frontier Utilities customers can take advantage of the NJ Frontier Online Premier 12 plan. At 9.9 cents per kWh it’s a step down in price, and again, there’s no early termination fee or monthly charge.

The next two are available to new and existing customers alike. And they’ll be of particular interest to energy-conscious households! The Clean Power 12 plan from Verde Energy offers the same 10.79 cents per kWh rate as Direct Energy’s plan above, with an identical early termination fee and monthly charge of precisely zero. Plus, they’ll offset your energy usage with 100% renewable energy.

Cheaper still – cheapest, in fact! – is the 12 Month Fixed plan from Tomorrow Energy. Their 9.88 cents per kWh rate is the best of the bunch, and there’s no monthly recurring charge. Plus, they’ll purchase 100% National Wind Renewable Energy Certificates, and in partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation will plant four trees over the course of your plan. Bear in mind that, unlike the above plans, the early termination will cost you $75 to leave the plan early. 

Honorable mentions for cheap rates go to Safe Harbor 18 from Energy Harbor at 9.69 cents per kWh, and Direct Energy’s Live Brighter 18 with its 10.49 cents per kWh rate. These are highly competitive with the above plans, but remember: you’ll be signing up for 18 months. 

Best 12 Month Electric Rates in Morristown

Nothing’s better than peace of mind with your energy plan. And with these bargain 12 month electric rates, you can watch winter roll in without it bulldozing your budget. Plus, remember, you can protect your savings even further by saving energy in the home. For example, the Board of Public Utilities is pushing for greater solar capacity across the state. This means residents might see some tasty benefits for installing a solar panel! Keep on track of who has the best 12 month electric in Morristown, and get more money-saving tip-offs, with www.NJenergyratings.com.

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