Are you struggling to get to grips with the JCP&L electricity rates on your utility bills? Or looking for the vital information you need to switch energy providers in New Jersey? Either way, you have come to the right place. We're going to take you through the key components of your JCP&L utility bills, and explain everything you need to know. Let's take things from the top.

A. Billing Period: Time period for which your current charges were calculated.

B. Customer Name and Address

C. Account Number, Amount Due and Due Date

D. Messages: Important information about your account. You’ll also find your Price-to-Compare here.

E. Account Summary
:Your previous balance, payments and current charges are displayed.

F. Usage Information: Your electricity usage during the billing period. This also lets you know if your usage was based on an actual or estimated meter reading.

G. Charges: Detailed information on Jersey Central Power & Light’s charges can be found here. If you have chosen an alternate supplier, your supplier charges will appear in Section H.

H. Charges from your Alternate Supplier: If you choose an alternate supplier, these charges appear here.

I. Detailed Payment and Adjustment Information: Any payments applied or adjustments made since your last bill was issued will appear here.

J. Usage History: To help you better monitor your electricity usage, this bar graph details your usage history over the past 13 months. There is also detailed information such as your Average Daily and Monthly Use, Average Daily Temperature and the number of Days in the Billing Period.

K. Payment Stub: Detach and return with your payment. This section includes your Account Number, Amount Paid, Amount Due and the Due Date.

L. Explanation of Terms: This section defines some of the key terms that appear on your electric bill.

M. Important Information: Find key information here, such as phone numbers, website address, mailing address and other important information.

N. Meter Reading Dials: Use these dials as a guide to record and submit your meter reading online at, or by calling 1-800-662-3115.

JCPL Sample Bill


Billing Period & Amount Due

On the top left of your bill, above your name and address, you will see your Billing Period. This section highlights the length of time you are being charged for - and depends on the agreement you have with the supplier. Some people will pay monthly, others quarterly - it's entirely up to you. To the right of that section is the amount of money you owe JCP&L, as well as you, account number and the due date.

Message Section

If your bill is straightforward and you are up to date with payments, this section will usually be empty. However, it can also contain vital information about your Price to Compare, which is essential if you intend to switch to one of the other energy providers in New Jersey.

Usage History

Below your messages is a section which looks at your overall usage for the past. This section is crucial, as it gives you a detailed look at your average usage, over days, and months, as well as temperature averages. It's especially handy when trying to work out your JCP&L electricity rates before deciding if you are better off with a different supplier.

Account Summary

To the right of your messages is your account summary. It shows your previous balance, current balance, and any adjustments that JCP&L have made since your last bill. It will include any extra charges, which will be expanded on later on in the bill.

Usage & Charges

The next section down contains your electricity usage for the period in question. It could be an estimate, or from a meter reading, and will reveal your entire power usage. Blow this section lies the details of any charges JCP&L have made to your account. It also contains your charges if you have chosen an alternate supplier.

Payments and adjustments

The next section is the Detail Payment and Adjustment Information section. Here, JCP&L will outline any payments; balances made cleared, or contributions to your bill since your last billing period.

Payment Stub

The next section down is your payment stub. You will need this to pay your bills, and ensure your account details are up to date.

Explanation of Terms

Struggling to understand your bill? The Explanation of Terms section should give you everything you need to know.

Contact Info & Self-Metering

The final section of the bill includes JCP&L contact information and a handy tool for reading your meter. It is advisable that you use this often, as it will ensure your bill remains accurate, and you won't face overcharging.

We hope this detailed description of your JCP&L bill helps make things a little clearer.