If you've never received an ACE bill before, then it might seem confusing when you first open it. But, as one of the leading residential electric suppliers in NJ, we want to make things easier for you. So, read through this article and learn how to understand your ACE bill properly.

1. The billing period: The time period during which you received service and for which you are being billed.

2. Account details: The name registered to the account, the service location and account number.

3. Contact information: Our phone numbers for customer service, emergencies and outages, as well as our web address.

4. Summary of your charges: A summary of previous balance, payments received, charges for service used and the total amount now due.

5. The new bar graph: Displays 24 months of energy usage data. It may print on a following page based on your service.

6. Payment coupon: The portion you return with your payment. To expedite processing, your account number, name, mailing address, as well as the payment mailing address are pre-printed on it.

7. Details of your Electric Charges: This section includes the specific meter reading and charges for the current billing period for a service, which includes the number of billing days and whether you’re on summer or winter rates.

8. Delivery Charges: A detailed list of your delivery charges related to the cost of bringing electricity to you via the poles and wires for the current billing period.

9. The Electric Summary: Itemization of any changes or adjustments made to your account during the current billing period. Your bill may not print this summary if none apply.

10. Supply Charges: Reflect the cost for Atlantic City Electric to buy the produced electricity for you. This is the portion of your bill that you can compare to offers from competitive suppliers.

ACE New Jersey Bill


Hopefully, all this information can help you understand your ACE bill in more detail, and you will no longer be left feeling confused.