The New Jersey energy choice program offers you the opportunity to choose a supplier for your energy from a range of price points. However, if you choose to switch suppliers, there are some things that won't change. For example, your electricity will continue to be delivered by the Jersey Central Power and Light Company (JCP&L). The company is still your main point of contact if your power goes out or you have other issues with your power. However, you have the opportunity to shop around for the best deal on your energy supplier. If you want to learn more about switching, read the information below.

What is the Basic Generation Service?

If you don't choose a third-party supplier for your energy, you instead pay for the Basic Generation Service (BGS). Some people may have to use this if they can't find another supplier who will sell them electricity. You will pay JCP&L electricity rates, which might not get you the best deal.

What Is the Price to Compare?

If you decide to look at other electricity suppliers in NJ, you need to know your Price to Compare. This is the amount that you pay for the Basic Generation Service, which includes all the costs of supplying your electricity. When you look at other suppliers, you need to find a price that will be less than your Price to Compare. To find out your Price to Compare, you can contact JCP&L by phone and they will let you know what it is.

Are Third-party Suppliers Trustworthy?

If you have been using JCP&L as your electricity supplier, you might be concerned about switching. Perhaps you're unfamiliar with other suppliers, and you're not sure if they can be trusted. If this is the case, there's no need for you to worry. All suppliers must be licensed through the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities. To obtain and keep their license, they need to meet a number of requirements set by the BPU.

What Will JCP&L Continue to Do?

If you choose to switch to a third-party electricity supplier, JCP&L will continue to provide some services. For example, they will be responsible for delivering your energy. They are also the company you should call if your power goes out for this reason. JCP&L will be the company that sends someone to read your meter. When it comes to bills, you can have JCP&L send you a single bill that lists the cost from your supplier. You can also have separate bills from JCP&L and your electricity supplier.

What About Financial Assistance?

If you switch your electricity supplier to a third-party company, you will still be able to access assistance programs. You still need to meet the usual requirements to be eligible for these programs. JCP&L can also provide you with advice relating to your energy supply or bills.

You can find out more information from the Jersey Central Power and Light website or their other services.