You'll notice that all of the electric suppliers in NJ that we compare will have a certain score. This score is used to show an overall rating of each particular company. It's a simple way to indicate which suppliers are the best and which are the worst. If you see one with a low score, then you know there's not much point looking at them as there are many others with higher and more impressive scores.

The premise behind the scores is simple, but, how are they calculated? What things contribute to how we score all of the providers? At NJER we think it's important to be transparent with everyone that uses this service. So, we've put together this article to show you how we score everyone that we compare:

Data Sources

One of the main things we look at is third party data sources. We look for as much data on every supplier as possible. This includes things like current rates, data plans, cancellation fees, etc. We want to collect as much info about every provider to compare against one another. As well as all of the general and financial data, we also look at other things that factor into how good a company is.

Through reviewing various data sources, we compare figures like social media response times. This helps us see which companies are replying to their customers the quickest. The sooner they respond, the better it is in our eyes. There are other customer service related stats too such as the time consumers are spent on hold. Again, if someone is on hold for a short time, then it means customer service is quick and responsive, which is a positive.

Alongside this, we also conduct research of our own. We go on suppliers websites and collect the data we need to compare everyone.

Customer Feedback

A huge part of our scoring system revolves around feedback from existing and previous customers. We know that data and stats aren't the only things that make a good electric company. As such, we make an effort to compare NJ electricity providers based on reviews from other customers.

This enables us to gather information on the positive and negative points of each supplier. There is no better way of seeing how good a company is than by asking customers about it. We get to hear genuine experiences that help showcase customer service skills.  

Plus, we constantly gather new information and customer feedback. So, this ensures that everything we collect is up to date with current times. If a company was good in the past and now treats customers awfully, you'll know about it.

By combining these two things we can easily score New Jersey electricity companies. As you can imagine, ones with the best scores will have affordable rates, flexible contracts, and great customer service. Of course, you will see a full breakdown of all the pros and cons of each supplier when you start comparing. Hopefully, you now understand what we look for when scoring all the providers in your area.