Don’t Miss These Electricity Rates In Somers Point

 Electricity rates in Somers Point are creeping up as winter closes in! Lock in a low fixed rate plan so you can save more!
The clock is ticking and electricity rates in Somers Point are getting higher. Take advantage of lingering warm weather and lock in a fixed rate plan now! Winter IS coming!

Who Offers the Best Electricity Rates in Somers Point?

Electricity rates in Somers Point are creeping up as winter closes in! And as they’re set to be higher than usual this year, Atlantic City Electric (ACE) customers are in for a pretty pricey season. The good news is, spring shoulder months are expected to offer some rate dips in 2022. And after this winter, you’ll want to cash in on even the smallest price reduction. So what you need are cheap electricity rates in Somers Point that are easy to switch from come spring. And luckily, the pickings aren’t bad! So let’s take a look…

Comparing Electricity Rates in Somers Point

Let’s start with the Clean Power 12 plan from Verde Energy. The 13.69 cents per kWh rate is competitive, and there’s no monthly recurring charge or early termination fee. This means switching in spring is hassle-free! Verde Energy supports green energy by purchasing and retiring renewable energy certificates (RECs). This helps customers offset their carbon footprint and benefit U.S. renewable energy producers.

You can, however, find a cheaper rate with similar environmental benefits on the 12 Month Fixed from Tomorrow Energy. The 13.17 cents per kWh rate is a good step down in price, and there’s no monthly recurring charge. Moreover, along with purchasing RECs, they’ll plant one tree for every three months of your plan. But be warned: they’ll levy a $75 fee for early termination. So eco-oriented customers will have to decide whether this cheaper rate is worth the cost of less flexibility. 

Our final two plans come from Direct Energy. And watch out, because both are only available to new customers! Let’s start with their Live Brighter 12 option. Their 12.89 cents per kWh rate is a great one to enjoy this winter, and there’s no additional monthly recurring charge. More importantly, there’s no early termination fee. So you can easily jump off if a cheaper rate becomes available. 

However, if you’re eligible for their 12 month plan, you’ll do better to go for their second option. Their Live Brighter 18 plan is, as the name suggests, slightly longer at 18 months. But this means the rate is marginally cheaper, at 12.79 cents per kWh. There’s no monthly charge either, and most importantly, there’s no termination fee. This means it’s functionally the same plan as above, just with a lower rate!

Shop Cheapest Electricity Plan in Somers Point Now!

In sum, Somers Point shoppers need to lock in a cheap, flexible electricity plan this Winter. And you’ve got some good options! Customers new to Direct Energy should consider Live Brighter 18. But if you don’t qualify, Tomorrow Energy and Verde Energy both offer competitive plans. You’ll just have to consider whether Verde Energy’s $75 exit fee is worth the cheaper winter rate. And remember, with your energy bills set to be high this season, don’t skimp on energy saving measures in the home!

Don’t miss these electricity rates in Somers Point to save you money this winter. You can shop them now, at!

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