Our Best Electricity Plans

We understand that choosing an energy plan or provider can be difficult.

For those who don't have much time to spend researching plans and companies, we have selected a handful of plans from reputable providers which we believe will provide our users with:

  • Fair and Competitive Rates
  • Good Value
  • High levels of Customer Satisfaction

However, not all utility consumers are looking for the same things in an energy plan. That's why we encourage all our users to take full advantage of the information and tools we provide to ensure they find the best energy plan for them!

What to look for in an energy plan


Pricing is important, but it's not everything. Sometimes a plan with a low rate might have higher rates if your usage varies even just a small amount.


While every energy provider may have a bad day now and then, you should consider the provider's reviews when choosing an energy plan. Look for patterns of behavior and think about how you might need to interact with the provider in the future.

Term Length

You might think that longer term plans are always more expensive than shorter term plans, but the price offered for a plan depends on many subtle factors which can vary drastically from one provider, or by season. Sometimes you can lock in a 36 month plan for about the same price as a 6 month plan, so think carefully about how long you intend to live in your current home before choosing a plan. Generally, it's best to get a plan that won't end during a time of the year when you are using a lot of energy, as those high usage seasons typically have more price volatility.

Bill Credits

Many suppliers offer plans where the advertised rate includes a bill credit. Often these bill credits apply only when your usage falls into a particular range. These plans can be a great value if your actual usage falls into the correct range, but the prices can vary significantly if your usage is outside certain ranges. You should always review the terms of the plan carefully and ensure that your energy usage patterns will fit the bill credit criteria.

Monthly Fees

Many plans include a monthly flat fee. Sometimes, the fee is waived if your energy usage goes above a certain threshold. If you use a large amount of electricity, the monthly fee tends to be less of an issue, but if you use a very small amount of electricity, the monthly fee can really push your average costs higher than the might be on a different plan.