Which New Jersey Green Energy Plan Should I Choose?

Shopping for the best green energy rate in New Jersey is easier than ever!
You can find the best New Jersey green electricity plan by comparing the best rates! We’ve done the hard part to help you save the planet and save some money!

How Can I Find The Best New Jersey Green Energy Plan?

We know that hunting down the best deal isn’t the only thing that’s important. Green energy plans help New Jersey residents do their part to preserve our environment. If you live in the Garden State and want to get a great deal on green electricity, this article is for you.

What Green Energy Options Are There In New Jersey?

If you’re a New Jersey resident then there are two green energy plans to choose from; the XOOM SimpleClean 12 Electricity Plan and Constellation’s 12 Month Green Home Power Plan. Both of these plans are 12 month fixed-rate deals, giving you reasonable reliability with the option to switch in a year’s time.

Which Green Energy Plan Is The Cheapest?

The Constellation 12 Month Green Home Power Plan is the cheaper of these two plans, coming in at 13 cents per kWh, compared to the XOOM SimpleClean 12 Electricity Plan at 15.4 per kWh. The Constellation plan actually compares quite well with the cheapest 12 month fixed plan on the market, which costs 11.4 cents per kWh. This represents great value for money, since renewable energy is often significantly more expensive than non-renewable energy.

Which Electricity Plan Is Best For The Environment?

Comparing the best New Jersey electric plans doesn’t always produce clear cut results. In this case, these two plans from Constellation and XOOM actually differ in the proportion of renewable energy sources they use. Renewable energy such as solar and wind power make up 50% of XOOM’s green energy plan, while they make up 100% of Constellation’s green energy supply.

This means that not only is the Constellation 12 Month Green Home Power Plan cheaper overall, it’s also twice as good for the environment.

Is This The Right Plan For Me?

Both of these plans are availible in most New Jersey EDC service areas. The only exception is in far north New Jersey served by the Rockland Electric Company who do not offer Constellation’s 12 Month Green Home Power Plan.

Prices for New Jersey electricity rates differ significantly from one EDC service area to the next because demand, supply, and delivery costs are different. Consumers in the Public Services Electric Gas & Light service area can expect to pay a few cents per kWh more than their neighbors in the Jersey Central Power & Light footprint. Residents of southern New Jersey and around Atlantic City face prices averaging in the middle.

Which Electricity Supplier Is The Best?

In addition to a supplier’s green credentials and price point, we understand how important user experience is when choosing the right company. That’s why we collect reviews from real users into a database of third-party information to produce our New Jersey energy supplier ratings.

Constellation scores an average of 3.2 in these ratings, while XOOM scores 1.3. This further reinforces Constellation’s position as the green electricity supplier of choice in New Jersey.

What Else Can I Do To Help The Environment?

Of course, the best thing you can do to help the environment is to cut back on the electricity you use. Here are a few of our top tips for saving electricity in your home, which are great for saving money and preserving our planet.

You can also think about investing in solar energy for your home. This can significantly reduce your electricity bills and your reliance on fossil fuels.


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