Great 12 Month Electricity Rates for Atlantic City Residents

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Find the cheapest electricity rates in Atlantic City! Don't get trapped in a high priced plan. Shop now for the best energy plans for your New Jersey home.
Don’t get trapped by high electricity rates in Atlantic City. Get deal wihth the most flexibility and a great rate! Shop the best energy plans for for your New Jersey home.

12 Month Electricity Deals That Could Save You Money 

If you’re living in Atlantic City, there are a lot of different 12-month electricity deals to pick from. Some of these offer cheap electricity, while others could end up costing you over the odds. We’ll help you to find the best rates on electricity in Atlantic City, so you can start saving money on your energy bills. 

Atlantic City Electricity Costs

New Jersey residents pay a high price for electricity. The state comes 12th for electricity prices, similar in price to many other states in the Northeast. Although Garden State residents use less power than average Americans, the high price of electricity means that they far exceed the typical annual bills that other citizens face. An average New Jersey household might spend $1,600 on electricity in one year, compared with $1,300 for the rest of the country. That means it’s really important to find a cheap price on electricity.

Low Cost Electricity Deals For Atlantic City Residents

To get the lowest price per kWh, start by looking at the XOOM Energy SureLock 12 deal. This is the cheapest plan available, and clocks in at just 9.39 cents per kWh. For the same price, you can also choose the XOOM Energy SimpleClean 12 plan, a greener alternative. This deal uses Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) to offset 50% of the fossil fuels burned to produce this electricity.

The next-cheapest plan is the XOOM Energy RescueLock 12. At 9.79 per kWh this is still a reasonably low price for electricity, only marginally higher than the other XOOM Energy plans. When you sign up to this deal 5% of your monthly bill will go to PetSmart Charities to help shelter pets find their forever homes. 

Cheap Electricity Rates To Compare

These certainly aren’t the only electricity plans to choose from. These next deals are somewhat more expensive, but they are still competitive options for Atlantic City residents. The Tomorrow Energy 12 Month Fixed deal offers a rate of 9.89 cents per kWh. That’s a little more than the XOOM deals we’ve looked at, but its early cancellation charge is much less; just $75. Plus, it’s still cheaper if you’re on a variable or with a high-cost fixed plan. 

With the Verde Energy Clean Power 12 deal, you’ll get 100% REC-offset power. This comes at a rate of 10.09 cents per kWh. While that’s higher again than the other deals we’ve examined, the plan gives you lots of flexibility because there’s no early termination charge. If renewable energy is really important to you, you can also consider the Constellation 12 Month Green Home Power plan. This uses 100% wind-generated electricity to power your home, rather than relying on RECs. However, it is more expensive, coming in at 10.79 cents per kWh with a $150 early termination charge. 

Finding The Cheapest Price For Atlantic City Electricity

So, how do you know which electricity plan is right for you? In general, the plan with the lowest rate per kWh is the cheapest, since this is the only cost of switching electricity provider. However, do bear in mind that early cancellation fees can limit your flexibility to switch to cheaper rate plans. A plan may offer a low rate but might come with a steep early termination charge.

Use information from your existing bills to work out how much your new electricity contract will save you money when you shop. A typical New Jersey home will use around 9,000 kWh per year of electricity. That means every 1/10th of a cent per kWh works out to $9 per year. For most Atlantic City residents, saving a cent or two per kWh will equate to $100+ per year.

Shopping for the best electricity rates in Atlantic City only takes a few minutes. So shop, switch and save today, and keep your electricity costs as low as possible. 

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