Electric Bill Horrors! NJ Energy Vampires!

An energy vampire has fed here, driving up your electricity bills! Learn how to stop them!

Your NJ Electric Bill is in Distress!

Is your electric bill looking sickly and weighed down by a burden of heavy, black print? It may be the victim of an energy vampires! Find out how to reduce their dark influences and reduce your bills!
They sink their glistening fangs to feed until there is no more!
Energy Vampires! Learn how to save your NJ electric bill from their page darkening influences and save money!

It’s spooky season folks! And we don’t just mean the chilling warnings of recession. Because I’ll bet you didn’t know it, but your home is riddled with vampires…  Energy vampires! These parasitic lurkers siphon off precious power from your electricity supply, driving up your electric bill to hair-raising heights beyond compare. So it’s time to save the damsel in distress (your energy bill savings) by donning your best Van Helsing fedoras. We’re going energy vampire slaying.

Plunge a Stake Through their Heart!

You’ll need to adapt this tried-and-tested classic, because energy vampires aren’t your good old fashioned humanoids. Energy vampires will sneak into things like TVs and phone chargers to suck out your power by turning on standby lights. The stake is your finger, and their heart is the power button. Drive it home!

Better Yet – Decapitate them!

One of the most overlooked species of energy vampires is the genus: ‘Unused Appliances Left Plugged Into the Mains’. They’ll burrow their heads into your mains sockets and siphon off your hard-earned cheap energy. And if there’s lots of them, they’ll bleed you dry! Decapitate these parasites by unplugging your appliances from the wall when they’re not in use.

Let Sunlight Save Your Electric Bill!

Energy vampires love it when you let that overnight chill linger in your home. It means you’ll to crank up your heat in the morning! So if you’re blessed with a sunny winter’s day, throw open the curtains so that sun can raise your indoor temp. Just make sure to close them again before night falls…

Burn them! (Sort Of)

Whilst Joe-Average vampires can be toppled with a good ol’ fashioned flaming, these modern energy vampires are a bit more savvy. In fact, they love when you use the oven! Because it’s one of the least energy-efficient appliances in the kitchen. So blast those vampires with a bit of EM radiation instead, by swapping out your oven for your microwave every so often.

Their Capes Strangle Your Furnace!

Energy vampires love to shuffle things around to stop heat getting to the places that you need it. In fact, you might have seen this in action! Curtain covering a warm air duct? That’s an energy vampire’s cape. Sofa pushed up against it? That’s the work of an energy vampire! Blocked duct work can strangle air flow through your furnace! So sweep aside any obstructions to keep the vampires at bay.

Slay Energy Vampires to Save your Electric Bill!

We’ve armed you with the wisdom, brave vampire slayer. And now it’s up to you. Keep your eyes peeled for these nefarious energy-vampire ghouls. And kill them, dead! Because there’s only one thing more bone-chilling than a home filled with vampires – and that, dear reader, is a monstrously high home energy bill! So rouse your courage and go hunting these electric bill horrors, NJ Energy Vampires!

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