Cheap 12 Month Fixed Electricity in Rockland, NJ

Shop the best energy providers in New Jersey and stop spending too much on Rockland electricity rates!
Spending too much on Rockland electricity rates? Shop the best energy providers in New Jersey for your home and save!

Cheap Rockland, NJ, Electricity Deals

Electricity in New Jersey doesn’t come cheap. We’re in the top 25% of states when it comes to residential electricity costs, which means New Jersey households spend a lot of their income on energy. That makes it essential to find the cheapest electricity deals in New Jersey, so you don’t get caught out with an expensive electricity plan. If you’re looking to switch your electricity supplier to in 2020, we’ve got you covered. Check out the best rates for Rockland, NJ.

Who Has The Cheapest Rockland Electricity Deals?

If you want to spend the least amount possible on your electricity, then Starion Energy is a great provider to start with. Their cheapest deal comes from the Starion Energy Secure 12 plan, which offers a market-leading rate of only 8.59 cents per kWh. This is about as cheap as electricity gets in Rockland County. If you’d prefer to choose an environmentally-friendly electricity plan, choose the Starion Energy EcoGreen Secure plan. At only 8.89 cents per kWh, a full 100% of your energy usage is offset with Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). Starion Energy uses RECs sourced from wind farms across the country.

For an extra penny per kWh, just 9.89 cents per kWh, you can opt for the Major Energy Secure Choice 12. Like the offerings from Starion Energy this is a fixed-rate electricity deal. But while this is only a marginal increase in cost, it can quickly add up to a significant increase in your annual bills.

Which Electricity Deal Is Right For You?

Typical Rockland, N.J. electricity usage is about 9000 kWh per household per year. This means that even small increases in the price you pay per kWh can add up to the cost of electricity during a year. A single extra penny per kWh adds up to $90 a year. It’s therefore a good idea to go for the cheapest electricity deal around, since you’ll be saving a lot of money. 

Keep in mind that some of the biggest energy providers in New Jersey have expensive electricity deals. If you’re a XOOM Energy or Verde Energy customer you might be paying more like 10-11 cents per kWh. Cut this down to less than 9 cents by choosing Starion Energy instead. You could be saving around $200 a year in Rockland just by switching your electricity provider.

Choosing A New Electricity Provider in Rockland, NJ

When you sign up for a new 12 month electricity deal, you’re entering a year-long contract. That means you need to trust the company you’re doing business with. Our reviews of New Jersey electricity suppliers, written by real customers, help you understand which businesses will treat you right. So, before you decide to sign up with a new electricity supplier, check to see if they’ll provide a stress-free and rewarding experience. Once you’re confident in your decision, visit to switch quickly and easily. You can start saving money on electricity right away!

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