Best Fixed Electricity Rates in PSEG Burlington, NJ

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Check out the cheapest electricity in NJ! Shop great long term energy plans in Burlington and save!
Hey, Burlington! Save money with the cheapest electricity in NJ!

Find The Lowest Electricity Rates In Burlington, NJ

The best way to save on New Jersey electricity is to find a cheap fixed-rate deal. At NJ Energy Ratings we do the hard work for you. Our team finds the lowest prices for electricity near you, so you can quickly switch to a cheap energy provider. Read on to find the lowest electricity rates in Burlington, NJ.

Cheap New Jersey Electricity Suppliers

If you live in Burlington, NJ, in the PSEG service area, then there are plenty of cheap electricity deals on offer. A good place to start is with the Verde Energy Guaranteed Choice 12 deal. This comes with a market-beating price of only 11.59 cents per kWh, making it one of the cheapest electricity rates in Burlington. 

Alternative Low Cost Electricity Plans In NJ

A 12-month plan offers decent stability. But to get longer term benefits, you’ll need to renew it every year. To lock in a cheap electricity rate for a longer time, many homeowners choose a long  term fixed-rate deal. The best example of this is the Verde Energy Guaranteed Choice 24. This offers an even cheaper rate than their 12-month contract, coming in at just 11.49 cents per kWh. If you’re looking for a combination of low cost and reliability, then this plan is a winner.

Fixed-rate contracts longer than 24 months provide longer peace of mind. With the Constellation 36 Month Home Power Plan, you’ll get 3 years of cheap electricity before you need to renew your deal. You’ll pay a little more for this stability, with a price per kWh of 12.99 cents. For an average household that uses around 7800 kWh per year, this extra 1.5 cents per kWh adds up to around $117 per year. However, if you don’t tend to use a lot of electricity then the higher costs aren’t such a big deal. It could be worth locking in a cheap electricity rate now, so you don’t have to worry about renewing for several years.

Which Is The Best Electricity Provider In PSEG Burlington, NJ?

If you’re considering signing up for a 36-month plan, you need to know you’ll be treated well. No-one wants to lock themselves into a lengthy contract only to discover that their new electricity provider doesn’t provide good customer service. That’s where NJ Energy Ratings comes in. We combine real reviews of New Jersey electricity providers with industry data to generate reliable ratings of each company. 

Constellation has nearly 600 reviews and ranks as one of the best electricity providers in New Jersey. They score well across the board in areas like Order Experience and Customer Service, with an average rating of 3.4 out of 5. Though Verde Energy does not rank as highly, they are a newer company and achieve an overall rating of 3 out of 5 in areas like Order Experience and Customer Service as well. With great rates like these, when providers compete, New Jersey energy customers win!

Whichever company you choose to sign up with, NJ Energy Ratings makes it quick and easy to switch electricity provider. Read reviews, compare plans, and switch to the best electricity rate in NJ. Start saving today!

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