Hot Tips to Saving On Winter Electric Bills in New Jersey

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New Jersey’s electric bills might get a little higher this year but you can save money by saving energy with these hot tips!
New Jersey electricity rates are forecast to be just a little higher this year.
Check out our super simple ways to save on your electric bill!

How Can I Save On My Winter Electricity Bills?

When cold weather sets in, heating costs shoot up. Many households find themselves facing a dilemma, trying to use as little energy as possible while keeping their home at a comfortable temperature. Cut back on your electricity bill with these handy energy-saving tips, and read on for even more money-saving ideas.

Improve Your Home’s Insulation

The more warm air you can keep inside, the better. Make sure your home is fully insulated by sealing off ductwork and checking for any drafts leaving through windows. You can use caulking and weatherstripping to seal them, preventing that valuable warmth from escaping. If you’re on a low income you may be eligible forweatherization assistancefrom state-funded programs that provide the help you need to make your home more efficient.

Switch to LED Technology

This is something that many blogs recommend, but some LED light bulbs are still fairly expensive. Some reports say the cost of replacing every bulb in your house with LEDsat over $100, with savings of about $35 per year. At 3 years just to break even, you’re looking at a long wait to make any savings at all. Instead, replace the bulbs that you use the most with new LED bulbs and wait until the other old bulbs burn out. Of course, if you’re looking for a little more style, try picking up a cheap pack of fairy lights at your local store. You can easily string these along a bookcase, or around the head of your bed, which will provide a high-efficiency light source that looks great, too. Sure, you’ll need to turn the main lights on from time to time, but having attractive and low-consumption light is a great way to start saving money on your electricity bill.

Run Your Ceiling Fans In Reverse

Hot air rises – that’s basic science. A warm air trapped at the ceiling doesn’t do you any good, though, so if you have an ceiling fan, turn it on in reverse. This will push hot air down from the top of the room, keeping you much warmer without spending any more on heating. A similar note applies to running blower fans in your kitchen or bathroom. These are great for getting rid of excess moisture but left to run for too long and they can pull warm air out of your home. Try not to run them for extended periods of time during winter.

Use The Sun

Even weak winter sunlight can still provide a lot of warmth. Make sure to open up the curtains on any windows that face the sun, so you can capture some of that warmth for your home. It’s also a good idea to place mirrors around your home to make the most of the natural light– this will cut back on lighting costs, too.

Avoid Inefficient Heating

Take care not to block the supply or return ductsin your home. If they’re opening straight into the back of your couch or in a closed-off room, they won’t do a good job of circulating warm air through your home. Similarly, you should look to clean or replace your furnace filter every month(or as recommended), to ensure the easy movement of hot air.

Cut Down On Electricity Costs

There’s only so much cutting back you can do. Rather than growing cold and worrying about switching on a light or two, try and find yourself a cheap electricity rate. New Jersey residents have access to dozens of different options, from long fixed term plans with rock-bottom rates to eco-friendly ones that help protect the environment. Lock in a great rate for winter now; keep warm and save at the same time by comparing New Jersey fixed rate energy deals.

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