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New Jersey Electricity and Natural Gas Rates

Houston, TX, July 7, 2017 (Newswire.com) - With Summer bearing down, electricity bills going up and NOAA calling for a “sweatier-than-average” July through August throughout the Garden State, Electricity Ratings, LLC has launched a new website, NJEnergyRatings.com, which provides prices and customer ratings to make it easier for residential and commercial customers to shop for their electricity supplier in New Jersey.

The site features customer reviews and allows users to compare all the major electricity suppliers in New Jersey. Through the site, residents and businesses throughout New Jersey will find energy suppliers who will provide them the best rates and highest value for their money. The site offers local customers access to the rankings and reviews of all the major New Jersey electricity suppliers.

What is more, NJEnergyRatings.com is a clearinghouse for consumers who need all the information that allows them to evaluate energy providers based on what they consider the most important features or criteria. The criteria used to rank and evaluate major suppliers includes prices, green energy plans, customer experience, and customer incentive programs as well as customer rewards. Essentially all the information that a New Jersey resident needs to find the best electricity rates in New Jersey.

Using Big Data for Big Savings

NJEnergyratings.com leverages big data to educate and help customers maximize their savings. NJEnergyratings.com features historical average electricity rate charts, as well as average electricity bill amounts and average electricity usage by city.  As of May 2017 - New Jersey residents are paying an average of 16 cents per kWh, based on EIA data.  Comparing rates and switching may save New Jerseyans up to 60% on their summer energy bill.  The site also features “price to beat” rates for New Jersey gas and electricity utilities and a blog with New Jersey energy news.

About Electricity Ratings

NJEnergyRatings.com is the destination web site for New Jersey residents and business owners to share their opinions and have a voice in the New Jersey Deregulated Energy market. Electricity Ratings, LLC helps people make informed buying decisions through its consumer reviews platform and is a reliable source for valuable consumer insight, advice, in-depth energy company service evaluations, and personalized recommendations. Since 2009, we’ve helped over 1 million shoppers find the best energy providers and rates. Electricity Ratings, LLC operates similar consumer shopping websites, in Connecticut, New York and Texas at www.TexasElectricityRatings.com.


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